Raffle Draw!!!


Black Candy has done Raffle draws for charity's such as Cancer Research UK , The British Heart Foundation and most recently Alopecia UK. But this time Charity starts at home!!

Black Candy Fashion is a one person lead small business. I am dedicated to bringing you the best products & best service I possibly can. We have amazing 5 star reviews on our customer service, Quality & Pricing. Black Candy isn't just a shop It is a community I share with like minded people; I love meeting you guys at events or just chatting & getting to know you over social media! Black Candy is not just my job but my passion.

When I get messages saying how much confidence just putting on one of our wigs has given someone or how they just make you smile & have fun. That is why I do this! That is what makes all the hard work & struggles worth it! & that is why I am not giving up.

Black Candy is struggling at the moment due to many factors like the economy & rising costs, the huge decline in social media reach and badly ran events that Black Candy has sadly paid to be at and lost alot of monney. None of these things are the fault of our own. But now we are in a very difficult position. After almost 5 years of Black Candy running it would be a very sad day to have to say goodbye. Thats why I ask kindly for any support!

All the money raised in our raffle draw will go into manufacture of some brand new styles for the website and the re-stock of some of our popular ones! Ordering new business cards and keeping Black Candy Open! Please please help us at this difficult time, with your support we can overcome this difficult patch and keep bringing you our excellent quality products and service <3

You can buy as little or as many tickets as you like to help support us! These will all be entered into a raffle draw where to say thank you! you could WIN one of our Prizes!

1st Prize- 1 month subscription package (Includes a lace front wig and themed items such as makeup brushes and jewellery!)

2nd Prize- A Lace Front wig of your choice

3rd Prize- A costume wig of your choice

Raffle will be drawn at the end of May via video! Good Luck and Thank you <3